WYLDE Moonboard

The WYLDE Moonboard is simply a place for reflection; a board filled with inspiration that will evolve every month, just like we all do.

This September we hope you enjoy postcards from the summer.


I never leave for holiday without this hat from Eric Javits. It rolls up and it’s a soft material, so it’s the least high maintenance hat you’ll ever own!

The Sea

“Having grown up in Brighton, being by the sea or any sort of moving water is so important to me. It’s the place where I get a real sense of clarity and inspiration and the perfect place to plot and plan WYLDE MOON.”

Moon Polaroid

“I took this photo through my telescope. Capturing the full moon is one of my favourite things to do.”


“If you know me, you know I’m never too far from a healing crystal!”

Swimming Costume 

“This is the ultimate black swimsuit from Marysia. The stretchy fabric is so flattering and the open back keeps tan lines to a minimum!”


“I spend most of my holidays gazing up at the night sky and there’s no better bit of kit than a Celestron telescope to help capture the moon.”