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This month, our WYLDE Energy expert, Emma Lucy Knowles, spells out the importance of not changing yourself beyond all recognition, just because it’s January!

Crystal of the Month

Every month sees a new energy, a fresh vibration and frequency. To celebrate that magic and to allow you to make the most of it, we’re bringing you a crystal of the month. Watch this space!

We’ve been on quite an adventure haven’t we! With many a wave, at times, threatening to drown us out, there is a sense that we might be foolish to think, feel or believe that this beautiful year could be any different from the last. There’s a nervousness in all our energies, but right now it’s being prepared to be uplifted, and now feels like the perfect time to freshen up our core being. It’s time to soften back into a little bit of luck, rather than readying for the inevitable ‘fight’ once more. So, let’s gather our wisdom this month; let’s protect lightly rather than build up walls; let’s enhance our luck, our core connections and commitments with heart-warming Jade. She has got you, and you have got this.

Hello, hello! Happy 2022 to you and all that jazz.

Given where we are in January, I am hoping that you have already broken all the new year rules you set yourself! And if you didn’t set any, I hope you are not sitting there berating yourself for not having done so – when you should be celebrating that fact!

But why, I hear you cry? Well, let me tell you!

Intentions are powerful. They are important – they are – but we have to ensure that the timing is right and that we’re feeling the flow rather than buying into the advertisers dream! As a society, we have built up a huge energetical dam over the years; a dam that we have created around the whole ‘new year, new you’ ethos. As soon as Christmas is over, we immediately shift focus to that annual goal that neither spirit, the universe, nor the Prime Minister can move; a date in the human diary that says this is the end of one chapter and the bountiful beginning of the next. To an extent, this is true. It is a collective shift, but it needn’t always end up in mass collective disappointment. If you think about it, what is a new year? And more importantly what is your new year? And how should we really usher both those times in?

 “Celebrate what you have achieved; what you have completed; who you have become and what you let be.”

The New Year, in terms of months, is when 12 glorious months come to a climactic end. This moment really should be viewed as a time to wind down and tune in. Yes, it’s a time to celebrate; but to celebrate what you have achieved; what you have completed; who you have become and what you let be – as opposed to a rush to the finish line. Take a moment to steady the mind and slow your vibration, or ease it by feeling into your crystals. I would recommend Hematite to slow and hold a vibe so you can see things slower and embrace everything. Use Snowflake Obsidian to in lighten your view and your load so that you can step forward with true ease.


Snowflake Obsidian

So, down now to the real business of when is your own unique new year, and this is where I get excited. For me, the real energetical leap and yes, I mean LEAP, starts with your birthday – that day you launched into the world in all your glory! The weeks and months powering towards your earthly gateway is your time for action and a period that can be full of emotion. From feeling sad and unsettled, to wild and high as a kite, what you need to recognise is that your birthday is the true moment to let go. It’s the time that you are healing without thought. All that emotion you are feeling is your energy and spirit expelling anything that no longer serves you, so you can launch into your new year. Thoughts and emotions around this time are not likely to be ‘live’ thoughts and emotions. Have you ever had times when you feel sad, but you don’t know why, or you can’t stop smiling for some reason? Those feelings are a result of your energy rising; memories and feelings taking up space in your system that need to come to surface to release or to be reminded of.

So how do you make the most of this time? You create a New Year of You Ritual, which you need to start the month before your day of brilliance, and where you light the same candle for each phase of the moon before your birthday.

The New Year of You Ritual 

On the New Moon before your birthday, light your candle in a quiet space, and think clearly about what you want this new, energetical year to bring.

As the moon waxes, light the candle again and set intentions as to your dreams and desires for your new year.

Under the full moon, light the candle and write down every wish and blessing for the year ahead, almost as a birthday card to yourself. Seal that card in an envelope and leave it under the candle with a citrine crystal; the most perfect crystal for abundance; a crystal that will usher and direct abundant flow to and through your door.

As the moon wanes, ignite your flame again and tune into a meditation that centres your energy and mind; one that nurtures your garden of you and tends, without thought, to the seeds you’ve planted. A chakra meditation would be perfect, or music that soothes your body and mind. And if that’s not for you, hit the bath tub and sink into the feeling. Whichever way you do it, soak up all the good vibes that are aligned for this year of you, without putting mental pressure on your wishes and manifestations. Allow yourself to simply flourish.

When the night of your birthday lands, light that candle once more, hold your citrine, or your favourite crystal, open that card, read it out loud or at heart to yourself, and as you feel that warmth and buzz at your heart, close your eyes and blow that candle out. Trust that just as you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, your wishes are made and that energy flows forward for you.


The biggest tip I can give you now is to be patient. Place that card somewhere you can see it and every time you look at it, acknowledge it. In doing this you are sending it your wishes and the energy of your intentions, and handing them over to spirit and the universe. Please resist the urge to read the card, when frustration strikes or mood dips. When that raises its cheeky head, hold that crystal and sink back with the breath to the moon, back to the ritual of making your wishes for your new year.

Most importantly of all, enjoy it! Give yourself complete permission to ride with the energy…don’t just let the energy of the year ride you!

Emma Lucy Knowles

Clairvoyant, Healer, Reader, Teacher, Translator, Author and Coach