WYLDE Energy

This month, our WYLDE Energy expert, Emma Lucy Knowles, brings us a ritual for how to tap into every sense…including the illusive sixth!

Crystal of the Month

Every month sees a new energy, a fresh vibration and frequency. To celebrate that magic and to allow you to make the most of it, we’re bringing you a crystal of the month. Watch this space!

Energetically, green is the colour of the heart, so it’s no coincidence that we have two beautiful heart-led crystals taking us through January and February. February is short and sweet, yes – but my, my, is she punchy and powerful! The perfect vibe this month is upon us tune into a creative vibration, open the heart to adventure, explore and play.  You might discover that letting go doesn’t have to be full of sadness, fight, and goodbyes. Let Aventurine peel you open smoothly. Lie under a vellum window as she works with you to throw in fresh air…whilst throwing your toys – constructively – out of the internal pram!

Relaxing into your Senses 

We use the power of our senses each and every day – more often than not without a thought for what a blessing that is. But it’s when we bring focus and attention to all those senses at once, that they can heighten my favourite sense of them all – the 6th sense. This is the sense which tends to ring its little alarm bells when it smells the smoke of a fire on the horizon. So how can we tend to it and nurture it, so it comes to us just as casually as a smell, a taste or a sound?

Well, we’ve created a ritual for you that will allow you to relax in to your senses. A ritual that creates a sensory space to align you so that you can tune into and lean into that 6th sense or intuitive muscle. To help you do this, you need some tools that tap into the other sense, to bring your intuitive super group together.

You will need; 

For Smell & Sight

A candle; scented according to preference.


For Touch

A crystal; whichever you feel most drawn to in that moment.

For Sound

A Song, I would suggest ‘Temple of Silence’ by the artist Deuter. The whole album Garden of the Gods is a heaven send, if you want to sit for longer than the 10 minute duration of this track.

For Taste

A drink or snack; a post connect treat. This can be a herbal tea, builders tea, a chocolate, hot chocolate or perhaps a glass of wine depending on your mood! Up-vibing and tuning in doesn’t have to be super strict! After all, this is about tuning in to what feels good to you and rewarding yourself for making and taking that time!

We also suggest you have a notebook or journal nearby, or even use the voice-note recorder on your phone, to note down anything that comes up…

The Ritual;

 Come to a quiet space; a space that when you think about it, you can immediately feel the tension in your body and being start to ease.

 Play your music and take a comfortable seat with the candle before you, where you can watch the flame dance and flicker.

 Light your candle with intention of mind, and as you do so, say ‘As I light this candle, I create a safe space to connect to my highest and deepest self with effortless ease.’

 Take your crystal of choice in the left hand, and rest both palms on your knees, face up, open to receiving.

 Watching the flame now – allowing your breaths to be long and steady – allow the weight of your mind, any thoughts that have been parading around in there unhelpfully, to pour into the flame, and burn away in its light with effortless ease.

 If the mind fights you, when the ego gets in the way, affirm 3 times, ‘This is real. This is happening. I am and I can.’ And move your attention towards the music, or the crystal, or the breath.

 When the eyes feel heavy, when the body has relaxed, bring the left hand to your heart centre (middle of chest), and repeat out loud, over and over until feels ‘right’ to stop ‘I am ready to connect with the greatest, truest power of me. I am ready to connect to the greatest, truest power of me.’

 And as you do so, allow yourself to travel into the intuitive heart centre. Sink back as you tune in. What arises? Watch it. Feel it. Have no expectations. When the mind wanders, come back to the scent of the candle and the vibration of the crystal. And with every repetition of the mantra, note how you move in deeper to your heart centre. Deeper into the vibration, into the sensation of your intuitive power. Listen and feel. Ask yourself how it feels to you? How does it bring your senses together? How does this heavenly alignment feel?

 Let the mind’s eye see what needs to be seen. Let your brilliant body, hear or feel or taste what arises for you and just watch and feel as you go. Work that intuitive 6th sense muscle, lightly log all that is felt in the mind, and let it flow again.

 When it’s time to return, when the music ends or when the eyes are ready to open let the eyes open back to the flame. Take a long breath in for 7, hold for 7, exhale for 7, repeat 3 times.

 Giving thanks to and from your heart, blow the flame out.

 Taking that treat to hand, whatever that is, and start to pour out all you felt, saw or heard. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make any sense now whether you write it or record it. Digest it whilst you digest your reward. And remember, every time you come to this spot, you are strengthening that muscle and the clarity becomes more present with each sitting.

Emma Lucy Knowles

Clairvoyant, Healer, Reader, Teacher, Translator, Author and Coach