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Emma Lucy Knowles is not only our resident WYLDE ENERGY columnist, but also an author, hands-on healer, crystal reader and meditation teacher.

Holly has loved working with Emma Lucy over the years and wanted to share her powerful healing skills with the world.

This month, Emma Lucy is teaching us how to tap into our intuition and harness the power of December’s crystal of the month, Blue Calcite.

Crystal of the Month
Blue Calcite

Every month sees a new energy, a fresh vibration and frequency. To celebrate that magic and to allow you to make the most of it, we’re bringing you a crystal of the month. Watch this space!

Remember, remember, remember – who you are before all the noise? We’ve been doing a hell of a lot of that of late and now its time to celebrate it too, for the frequency forecast for this month says it’s time to ready the voice to shout it out from the rooftops… so how best to amp up the communication sound levels without straining the voice? Blue Calcite baby! Let’s lubricate the emotions, turn up the sound and annunciate with this little cherub in your hand – remember speaking up and doesn’t have to be scary, or received as aggressive – you can determine the tone.

  What is intuition?

Intuition is a road map for the soul, our most reliable guide, the voice of truth. But we often choose not to listen to it, or become disconnected from it. When there is SO much going on in our modern lives, how do we funnel out what feels right, from what feels wrong? How do we learn to trust our intuition, and become more in-tune with who we really are and what we really need? Learning to work with your intuition can help you heal your past, make peace with your present, and create your future.

  Exploring the feels

How do you know what you know, when you don’t know that you know!?! We communicate on so many levels, both consciously and subconsciously. Tapping into your intuition is all about paying attention to the signs and signals out in the real world. It’s about how we ‘hear’ without words, how we ‘see’ with our eyes closed, and how we ‘feel’ without touching. Now is the time for you to explore how to tune in and harness the power of intuition.

  Intuition and me: The way you make me feel

We already use intuition even when we don’t realise we are, so you’re not starting from scratch! This is nothing new to you – how brilliant is that? So, what do you already know? And how do we get to know more? As with everything in life there is no one size fits all. Practice takes patience, and everyone’s approach is different.

  But heres a few easy tap ins to get you started:

Keep the vibe alive…

Feeling is believing after all, and the quickest way to tap into your intuitive superpower is to set it an ask! Yep that’s right…get it working…get it talking! Even if it’s quietly whispering at the start, keep listening. Intuition rings through all the senses; feeling, touch, taste and even smell. It’s so unique to each and every one of us, you just need to learn to tap in to whichever is your strongest recall.

Keep in check of your thoughts…

Ego and intuition use the same voice within our being, and are locked in an ongoing battle. The voice of intuition speaks to you with kindness and moves you towards love and the life you deserve to lead.

Keep your energy clear…

Our body is our super-instrument for intuition. I’m not saying you need to go tee total or sugar free, but it is important we keep our energy clean – just like we wash our hair and our clothes! For this I always lean in to Mother Earth’s elemental power. So, if long, lazy baths are your thing, add some Himalayan salts and let this power combination soak through your being and ground any energy lag as it goes. If fire is your thing, use cleansing tools such as sage or Palo Santo, and sweep your instrument of choice mindfully around the full outline of your body. For air, go for a walk outside and breathe deeply. And for earth, get your crystals out and into your pocket or bra!





Keep daydreaming…

Visualisation and journaling are a huge parts of intuitive play, depending on which sings to you most. As children, we so easily felt these vibes only to forget all about them once we were ‘schooled’. Daydreaming is key to manifestation and intuition.

Keep grounded…

Your intuition is only as strong as the instrument it plays and the vessel it resides in – your body. Keeping your physical shape supple and strong is key, but also keeping your body rooted to the energies of the earth is of the utmost importance, so that we feel supported and not overwhelmed, as we explore the power within us. To do this, I always say to stand with feet hip-distance apart; hands by your side; gently close the eyes and sense or visualise roots growing down out through your feet and into the ground. The body will sway as it grounds so allow it to come to affirm three times, out loud or in heart and mind; ‘I am totally safe and totally protected’. And so it is…

  Trusting your intuition can change your life

When we live in balance, access our intuition and befriend our ego, learn to be led by our gut and not guarded by our fears, we can open our hearts and minds. We can be more accepting and respectful of ourselves and less anxious or stressed. We can see our path more clearly and make better decisions. We can achieve our dreams and goals, feel more content about our lives, and most importantly of all, we can get the joy back!

  You don’t need to be a mediation junkie to do this…

  • Come to sit in a dedicated peaceful space.
  • Sit with eyes closed, come to the breath and let your breath draw you inwards, towards the heart centre – the energy centre that sits at the middle of your chest. Allow yourself to feel a sense of opening at the heart centre, whether that’s visualising a ball of light, or feeling that light – go with it.
  • When you feel or sense that connection (and please know that when ego says that’s not it, that’s when it really is!) – quite literally ask of intuition to give you a physical confirmation that you are connected.
  • Then allow yourself to feel and to sense your inutile ringing through your being. This could be a pulsing or tingling at hands, or a pressure on the body in some very unique, obvious or unusual places.
  • Keep the mind open, and be aware that ego will try to tell you that you’re not getting it. At these moments dial into my favourite mantra EVER;
    ‘I am and I can’.
  • When you feel it, make a mental note, and don’t overdo it. Incremental use of the intuitive muscle is key.

Emma Lucy Knowles

Clairvoyant, Healer, Reader, Teacher, Translator, Author and Coach