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This month, our WYLDE Energy expert, Emma Lucy Knowles, brings us the ultimate crystal tool-kit to heal and calm everyday emotions.

Crystal of the Month

Every month sees a new energy, a fresh vibration and frequency. To celebrate that magic and to allow you to make the most of it, we’re bringing you a crystal of the month.

This month’s vibe is can be summed up in two words; POWER & FULL. There is a real vibration of fulfilment as we explore the creative, delicate – yet powerful feminine force within (don’t forget we all have both feminine and masculine energies in our being regardless of gender). It’s a time to sit with the energy of life blowing powerfully through your hair as you create, create, create. Now is the moment to sketch out your future… and I mean literally! Draw it, write it, get the fuzzy felt out if you must, but work with life, with spirit and most importantly, the moon. This is why moonstone is our angel this month. She sings to the feminine and sings from the moon. Let her amplify your craft, even if you are not sure what that is yet, then let the moon reflect its beauty.

  There is a crystal for that!

We all move through life with varying emotions, and some days we can feel we are rolling from one wave to the next without any steer or how to calm the current. Energetically, crystals can help us navigate these vibrations and allow our inner compass to steady, whether we are feeling an extreme low or high. This month I have curated a grab and go list of crystals, for you to explore, journey with or hold in highly emotional times. 

For Anxiety – Clear Quartz

The high-vibing Clear Quartz allows us to ground our feet and raise our minds up, in order to relieve anxiety and the veils of private and social self-doubt. Clear Quartz enables us to reconnect with a greater sense of self, by encouraging us to view real-life through its crystal clear, laser-sharp lens. She is a trusted friend indeed, when seeking to feel a greater connectivity with self and spirit.

For Joy – Citrine

Much like the sun burning through grey clouds, citrine burns off negativity. It’s a great piece for the home as it taps into the abundance of your joy and luck vibrations. It cann help to disperse the lingering hangover of an argument; enrich your purse and your pockets; and nourish you at the core of your very being.

For Happiness & Optimism –
Crazy Lace Agate

The energy of laughter is a beautiful thing and adorns us with an attractive glow as the energy pours through us, and Crazy Lace Agate is adorned with the most fabulous title of Life’s Laughter Stone. Crazy Lace Agate champions joy and confidence, promoting optimism, helping you strive towards stability in life and self. Allow her to wrap you in a magnetic field of happiness and people will swarm to you for all the right reasons. If you are feeling fierce, attractive and powerful, allow Crazy Lace to be like your setting spray to hold the look. Please use in short stints so as not to get too drunk on life and out of balance!

For Self Worth – Peridot

Inner love is not, as we’re so often led to believe, a form of arrogance; it’s self-worth, self-value, self-respect. So often the levels in which we hold these qualities dip and heighten based on past choices or current surroundings…cue Peridot! Work with him to cleanse the negativity you may feel currently shrouds your heart. Whether that negativity comes from past ‘mistakes’, or cruel, un-meant but deeply felt words, he will help to expand your heart like a beautiful lotus flower, re-born from muddy waters through gentle forgiveness.

For Balance – Rhondonite

When we love, we operate in a state of imperfect give and take. The stella, Rhodonite (pink and red) allows us to perform circus tricks from the heart; balancing the highs and the lows; healing emotional shock when we take a fall from the high wire and supporting us as we take the climb back up top. Use Rhodonite to support you in forgiving yourself when you feel like battering yourself mentally for making ‘poor choices’ or ‘mistakes’. She will remind you that in order to truly enjoy the highs – you must sometimes explore the lows, and she will help you take those in your stride.

For Alleviating Tension & Healing Sleep – Aragonite

Sometimes the day can leave us sky high or off-centre, be it for ‘good’ or bad’. Aragonite is a crystal of the earth. He is a grounding healer. Work with Aragonite to feel comfortable in your skin and your surroundings, to centre you in a warm and calming manner when you feel spun out and tense.

For Calm – Aventurine

This deeply enriching green stone should be used to root deep in life’s garden – rooting you down to promote a blissful mental stability. Calming anger and irritation within and without – this precious vibration works blissfully in aligning and balancing your central nervous system. Much like hitting the reset button, allow this stone to lift the weight of the world and return you to a peaceful state of mind.

To Still The Mind – Howlite

Howlite is a natural sponge for emotional turbulence. Sweet Howlite (green, white, blue) will rock you in to a calm state, even on the wildest of days, and when used at night she will flood though your dream-like state to strengthen your memory. Ask of Howlite to tune in and set your mental frequency to be one of peace, deep rest, calm heart and thinking.

For Self Esteem – Labradorite

Labradorite is the perfect reflector, working with you to see you as life must, not as ego lies. Labradorite energizes you as he delves in to your heart and soul, working hard to raise all the goodness from within and expelling all that is not. Hold hands with Labradorite to help you hold hands with yourself. He will show you your beauty in the truest of formations and encourage you to hold yourself warmly, lovingly and honestly when looking back at your reflection in the mirror.

For Focus – Fluorite

Fluorite is a wonderful noise-reducer and organisational influencer! Seek her out when you are looking to dial-down loud, outside mental influences and chitter chatter, in order to achieve heightened mental clarity. Fluorite promotes the sharpening of the strongest tools in your kit, to enhance learning, self-confidence, organisation and the general structure of everyday life. She’s definitely one to keep in your office top drawer, where ever that may be!

Emma Lucy Knowles

Clairvoyant, Healer, Reader, Teacher, Translator, Author and Coach

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